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Welcome to New Star Leadership Education Center!


New Star is a licensed education center by the State of Texas for students of elementary, and middle school. New Star provides outstanding academic advancement and well-managed extracurricular programs.
New Star's academic programs include: 
  • After-school education for elementary students
  • Summer school for grade K - middle school students

We invite you to visit New Star after reviewing the programs that may benefit your children.

Educational Excellence

New Star is the place where its students can develop their potential, realize their dreams, and reach for the stars!

Each year, New Star helps many elementary and middle school students with the highest passing rate to enter the gifted and talented programs such as GT and PACE.

As reported in March 2011, another 15 New Star kindergarten students have passed the GT/PACE tests for the 2010-2011 school year.  

Some students simply digested New Star’s academic curriculum without any additional test preparation.

Grade K students who passed GT/PACE in 2008-2009. From left to right: Michelle, Teacher Zhou, Lillian, Asim, Emma, Carina, Jessica, Akanksha, Dr. Hattie, Ethan, Matthew, Amy, Angela, Teacher Guo, Kelley, Anica, and Max. Prananv M. is not in the picture.

New Star is located inside Legacy Church in Plano, Texas and offers a safe and nurturing environment where students increase confidence, develop potential, and achieve success. Our highly qualified educators have degrees from B.S., M.S. to Ph.D.

Sana (left) and Lena (2nd left) won 1st & 2nd place of Gr. 4 division, respectively in the 2009 North Texas Youth Speech Tournament.

New Star Youth Leadership Training

New Star has produced the most confident leaders and brightest star students. During the 2009 North Texas Youth Speech Tournament, New Star students were outstanding and won 1st place awards in almost all the groups competed:

  • Vivian Z. - 1st place, Group 1A
  • Brandon W. – 1st place; Prazul W.- HM, Group 1B
  • Grace L. - 1st place; Jett W. - HM, Group 2A
  • Rishi S. - 2nd place; Rahul M. - 3rd place, Group 3B
  • Sana S.- 1st place; Lena K.– 2nd place, Group 4A
  • Alan X. 1st place; Group 4B

Dear Dr. Hattie,

Thank you for helping me practice my speech. Your suggestions were very helpful! Today, out of 10 people, I got 2nd place. From the 4th grade division, Alice H. got 1st and Grace got 3rd (all New Star students). Thank you for all your help and I will enter the speech competition next year too.


Alan Xia
June 25, 2011

New Star Leadership Education Center
4501 Legacy Dr. (inside Legacy Church)
Plano, TX 75024
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