New Star Leadership Education Center

Increase Confidence, Develop Potential, Achieve Success!

Afternoon Classes and Activities

Public Speaking

  • Students learn and take turns practicing public speaking and leadership skills.
  • New Star students have won top speech contests in the DFW and North Texas area.
    • In the 2009 North Texas Youth speech tournament, New Star students won 10 out of 45 prizes, including first place in almost every group level out of 200 contestants.
  • FREE to enrolled students

Science discovery lessons

  • New Star’s science curriculum makes learning fun by tapping into students’ sense of curiosity and awakens an enthusiasm for discovery and learning.
  • Student participate in hands-on projects in chemistry, physics, and more
  • Included in weekly tuition.

Chinese Class (标准中文 Standard Chinese by Education Press)

Four times a week, Mon. - Thurs.

  • Chinese classes teach students Chinese language skills and culture. This will reinforce what students have learned during the school year.
  • Students will learn Chinese speaking through weekly Chinese oral presentations. 
  • FREE of charge to enrolled students.

Field Trips


New Star's fun field trips are carefully selected to help expand the knowledge about our environment and community. Past field trips have included:

  • Ice skating, bowling, movie or other community education trips
M – F, 12:30PM – 6:30PM

New Star summer afternoon activities are highlights that students to look forward to each week. Parents often have a hard time to take their children home at the end of each day!

Lego Smart Creativity Lessons

  • LEGO smart creativity lessons foster an understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts by DOING.
  • These lessons use LEGO elements without robotics or motors and are included in the weekly summer tuition. Tue. or Wed.

  • For Grade K-7 students students who want to learn LEGO technologies through robotics, New Star offers an optional LEGO Robotic camp - see details under summer optional classes (additional fees apply).